Hi everyone, it’s been some time since I last posted but I was just playing IO WARGAME and decided to write some up some solutions in the hope it may help people just starting out.

Firstly, ssh in to the box (password: level1)

ssh level1@io.netgarage.org

Now enter the challenge directory

As you should know by now, this blog has moved but incase you have missed it, check back to the site daily: https://labs.p64cyber.com

This blog will only post links like below every few days.

Day 83:

What is Modbus? https://labs.p64cyber.com/what-is-modbus/

Day 84:

Linux Privilege Escalation https://labs.p64cyber.com/linux-privilege-escalation/ …

Day 85:

LD_PRELOAD Injection (Load Order Matters, http://AttackDefence.com , Linux Priv. Esc. Intermediate Category) @SecurityTube https://labs.p64cyber.com/ld_preload-injection/ …

Day 86:

Shared Library Injection (Library Chaos 1&2 from https://attackdefense.com/ — Linux Priv. Esc. Intermediate and Hard Categories) https://labs.p64cyber.com/shared-library-injection/ … @SecurityTube

Have you heard about Hack the Box? I hope so, it’s literally so damn good words can’t express how thankful I am to the creators. If you have not, it’s an online platform to test and advance your skills in penetration testing and cyber security. Awsome.

If you can afford…


Security Researcher / 365 Days of PWN

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